Review – of Link Posting for Quick Income

I trust you’ve come here because you’re interested in earning internet income, but if you’ve been led to believe that posting a few quick links will bring you wealth, or that you can set up your own web page with no cost or experience, I’d like to help you understand how most sites of this nature work.

What Is Link Posting?

It seems most offers for this type of come-on are received through email, partly because You Tube and Google have become smarter about catching frauds. The pitch is that you can make quick, easy money with little effort by posting links to products and collect big money. Some even show a break down of the possible earnings based on unrealistic $$$ per link, per day. What isn’t well explained, is the critical need for a well built web site that can attract people. Before you get to see very much of their program, they insist on your name and email address, which they can then market to others. Also, after you pay your $97 entry fee, you start to realize the training is nearly non existent, and the push is on to upgrade for every little thing. Most are a real chore to try and get your money refunded from.

My Experience

I was personally searching myself when I received a promotional email about how easy it was to “send email” and make easy money. What I had trouble learning, was what their program or  “game” was about. It seemed to be a secret! After reading a very long and elaborate web page, which was VERY convincing, I found out that it was about Link Posting. They even explained that I could have a free website. Then the catch! They only wanted a small sum of $97 to enter their program. 

There was the typical sob story about how a single mom had become unemployed and how a friend had showed them this wonderful opportunity. What they never explain clearly is that after signing up, the push for upgrading begins. If you are presented with much help at all, it is more ‘what to do’, not ‘how to do it’. Of course, real training if at all, is an extra. I’ve learned that some of these scam sites have a habit of changing the names and photos, but the song and dance is essentially the same. You must hurry before the opportunity closes, or at least before the “discount” ends.

They hinted at the prospect of buying upgrades to make the “real” money. Well, for someone newly unemployed, that was quite a bit of money for me. This caused me to become quite wary, especially since they spent so much on a large and expensive promotional web page. So I Googled for some type of review to help me decide if this was worth my money. After checking a couple sites that didn’t really help me, I found one that clearly described the site I had just been on and how their program worked.                                                                  


Another approach

I got an email promo the other day that sounded intriguing until I got to the site. Oh my! If those prices don’t scare you, nothing will.

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Amazing Selling Machine Foundations Special Bonuses

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This is sad, but nobody should have to PAY to get a job, especially a “Work from Home” job. Also, I think that I might need the advice of mentors just to get started, not after I’m up and running like above. That being said, I’ve heard that ASM is a legitimate operation and some are doing quite well. For me, I don’t have enough money right now to make those kinds of investments. That’s why when I found a program like Wealthy Affiliates, I felt like I could get started with nothing down, and have a great teaching tool.